About Journal

Journal History
After 21 years of publishing in the field of engineering, the journal of the Faculty of Engineering was divided into four specialized journals, and the journal of Metallurgical and materials engineering is one of these four. This publication was approved as a specialized bi-quarterly in September 2018 and changed to a quarterly in December 2021.

About the Journal Field

Metallurgical and materials engineering:
The journal will consider topics on bulk and particle material synthesis, manufacturing, and characterization analysis. Manufacturing routs and characterization evaluation of the engineering materials, i.e., metallic compounds, ceramics, and polymer contain composites, should be discussed in the received manuscript. Material properties and characterizations could be in the field of :
physical metallurgy, phase transformation, corrosion, advanced metallic compounds, microstructural and mechanical investigations and analysis, simulation, modeling, and theoretical investigations, molecular dynamic and functional theory investigations, data evaluation, and machine learning, thermodynamic of materials, nanomaterials, composites, and nanocomposites, ceramics and glasses, biomaterials, corrosion science, and engineering, evaluation of the physical and mechanical properties of coated engineering materials.
Review articles in the field of materials engineering will be accepted for review after the fundamental explanations by the authors on the necessity of the subject and the approval of the journal editor.
 The Review Procedure
All corresponding in the Journal are performed confidentially and the reviewers receive the manuscript in blind form and the authors also are informed about the comments given by the reviewers and not their names.
Open Access Policy
All articles of the Journal are Open Access. Journal of Journal Of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is fully compliant with open access mandates, by publishing its articles under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ . That means you are free to:
• Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
• Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

Digital Preservation Policy

Website Archiving

All of our electronic content (website, manuscripts, etc.) is stored on two different sources. Content on one server is online and accessible to the readers. The copy of the same content is kept as a backup on one other sources. In case of failure of one server, any one of the other sources can be made online and website expected to be accessible within less than 24-36 hours.

Abstracting/Indexing Services

Our journal’s Abstracting/Indexing services store many essential information about the articles. Additionally, our journal’s Abstracting/Indexing services (Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) ,  Iran Scientific Journals System) archive not only the metadata about the article, but the electronic versions of the articles, as well. Therefore, copies of the articles are available to the scientific community through their systems as an alternative to the journals own.


Authors may archive the final published version of their articles in personal or institutional repositories immediately after publication.

Charge of submission and publication
The publishing fee, 1000000 Rials, will be received from the authors of the paper.

Under open access license, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their content, but allow anyone to download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute, and/or copy the content as long as the original authors and source are cited properly.
Plagiarism Screening System
To prevent plagiarism, the Journal of Metallurgical and materials engineering uses the Hamyab system as similarity checker tool for the Persian articles and the iThenticate system for the Latin abstract of received articles. All articles before sending to the reviewers are checked for any similarity, and if the percentage of similarity is more than 20%, the article will be withdrawn from the review process.
The issued license No.  from the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology
license No.  148423
Date: October 26, 2011